Wednesday 8 January 2020

Kato tram chassis

kato 103 tram chassis footplate

Well hello. New year, new ….. no, let's not go there. After climbing out of the dark and gloomy box after six weeks of being fed George Michael on repeat and all the same jokes I heard four years ago it's back to some sort of reality. Now the house is in some sort of order and my head (gradually realigning) is back into the workbench, it's onward and upward.

First is to get the GVT loco done. A new footplate is required - lots of fun as it goes into the inside of a whitemetal casting so when all the fettling is done there isn't a straight edge on it. This doesn't matter, it just has to be a snug fit. I'm working in the grey area here. The Kato 103 is discontinued, but the replacement coreless 109 is as yet not available. Modelling in the availability cracks. Plus I have deadlines. Whhoooosh….

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  1. Only just found your blog Chris. Are you aware that there's a guy on Ebay who does a 3d printed adapter plate that just fits the Kato chassis straight in? its just over £1. He also does a 3d print of the whole loco for a tenner , and its not too bad. Can forward details if you'd like a look. Clive (Wilts 009) replies to not gmail please