Friday, 1 May 2020

Film Friday - weathering

Something a little different. Weathering in Polish. It's a slow watch, but stay with it.


  1. He's good isn't he? Just wish I understood Polish to get the full effect of his enthusiastic commentry!

  2. On jest dobry, prawda? Żałuję, że nie rozumiem języka polskiego, aby uzyskać pełny efekt jego entuzjastycznych komentarzy!

    To be serious, I have had the pleasure of meeting Leszek Lewinski a couple of times at exhibitions in the Netherlands and being interviewed by him (subject "Sutton Wharf") in Leipzig. It made one realise just how much as railway modellers we are members of an international community.

    Christopher Payne

  3. He's good isn't he. Wish I understood Polish too.