Wednesday, 27 May 2020


O gauge ground frame hut
I don't know if mojo is a thing, but if it is, it can be a slippery item. A combination of the afore mentioned building work (now ended this afternoon) the loss of the workshop to set the current layout build up, the continuing WFH situation all add to the lethargy. Part of this may be the social aspect: people asking questions, the blokey banter and my regular show attendances all act to keep the interest up. Social media has helped of late, but I found myself falling down a rabbit hole with it and have now withdrawn from the internet save emails and here. I miss the good stuff, but not the ungood. Even the hardened pro's go through this version of writer's block so I'm not alone, but it's thrown into sharp focus when there is a deadline and I can't frankly be bothered. Maybe the boost of a show would help, but that's impossible right now.

Deep breath and sit in the garden I think.


  1. Problem all shared in one way or another at the mo, but that's no consolation to any of us I know. Shows and meetings are a huge incentive, and an inspiration, to get things done. Hope we come out of the wilderness soon, or this modeller will be doing a Dominic Cummings.

  2. Ah, yes, Les. The old "I have to see a Welsh steam locomotive for medical reasons" ploy. Bound to work!

    Good to see you're back with a peaceful garden to enjoy, Chris. Living in a house with building work going on is a killer.

    If it wasn't for the foxes digging up the garden every day, despite all the rocks and wire I've been putting down round the perimeter, I'd be getting the feeling that I have too much modelling time on my hands. Luckily if I do get bored I can switch to a different project; trouble then is the frustration of too many unfinished jobs, and feeling overwhelmed by them.


  3. I find mojo tends to be an elusive and fragile thing, and also susceptible to Sod's Law...I'll be thinking about starting/making progress on something but some other thing will require my attention (the cat sick at the bottom of the stairs being the latest example).
    Fortunately I'm back at work full time now and as it's even quieter than usual there's the scope to take a model kit and some tools in.
    Been pretty close to getting bored the last couple of weeks but at least I have more than one hobby. Model railway mojo may be dormant, amateur radio mojo isn't and as it's my day off I'll head for the hills and play radio. Tesco first though.

  4. Ah yes, modelling mojo. If I could buy that I'd be broke and get a lot more done.

  5. Glad to hear your ok Chris. Modelling mojo yep comes and goes with me. At the mo would love to do some modelling but done my leg in, nevermind! My main problem is good at starting models, finishing is the problem.

  6. Oddly enough this new reality has re-awoken my long lost mojo, even though I mostly been working since lockdown. So lots of old projects have been dusted off and new ones started. I never worry about mojo, it comes and goes as it pleases, but it will always return even after an extended absence.