Saturday, 6 June 2020

Saturday ramble - blogging part 1

It's hard to exactly pinpoint when I started blogging, or why. I'll take a stab at 2006 simply because that's when my life was taking a turn; one of those crossroad points that we all crash into from time to time. In 2006 it was all very different: no photos, no comments (although these were fairly quickly introduced.) just words. The why is harder to define. While I'm not a super-geeky computer type, the web and communication on it fascinates me, although that attitude is always changing very slightly. The idea of a 'web-log' was probably, slightly ironically it would seem , introduced in a newspaper article and I enthusiastically sought out these new 'blogger' types to learn more.

What I found was mainly North American and that the subject matter was quite varied. Pre-photos the content was very 'Dear diary...' but there were more of a more travelogue type emerging both over there and here. Diamond Geezer was an early find and is still going strong. Some were personal, some about football and so on. What I also discovered that not only were these blogs out there, but the people behind them were real and would occasionally meet up. This led to a couple of interesting hook-ups, some fruitful, some that it would be best to draw a veil over.

My own attempt at this time was rambling (nothing new there) and random, but the enthusiasm continued. What I didn't do was write about modelling - it was the one thing that just didn't seem to fit very well and it wasn't until 2009 with the building of Unnycoombe that I opened a dedicated modelling blog which explains the address for this page. I didn't think it would run for long - just a throw away to put a few photos up. I certainly did not expect to still be here over ten years later. 

What interests me now are the stats over this ten year period. There are a few stand-out posts that are way above the others - the reasons for some are obvious, some not so. Underneath this royal set are the second division of popular posts (and this is what I find interesting) the Saturday Rambles and longer wordy posts do remarkably well and I can't explain why. I assume that people come here for up-to-date modelling buzz and chopping and cutting stuff, a sort of low-budget George Dent; it would seem not. They turn up for this; me waffling about nothing in particular. This naturally begs a question: why do I bother with the modelling at all? Why not just waffle as it is more popular. And for someone who has wrapped a career around the phrase 'It's bums on seats darling', this would appear to be logical. 

I may expand on this tomorrow. 

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  1. But I assume you're not doing it just to please other people, and that you really enjoy modelling and sharing what you're doing with the wider world, who are clearly interested and very probably motivated. Bums on seats in the entertainment industry is about revenue. With blogging it's not the primary reason for doing it. But like many things in life it becomes a sort of responsibility in the end I guess. But keep going!