Saturday 27 June 2020

Saturday Ramble

With the warm weather yesterday with its ability to get glue and paint dry in a matter of minutes I was able to get almost all the Tiley Road tail end board covered; just some tea leaving to go around the track. This puts me in a different place. I can now switch back to the small unlikely goods shed to fill the last small area and this end will be done. There's still quite a bit to do detail wise and I'm constantly reminded that the world situation has slowed this build down considerably, although you would think that it would be the reverse. 
The name is bothering me now. It was meant as a light joke, but the lack of reaction means that the gentleman concerned is either very unhappy or is suitably flattered. The problem is... I don't know which. Perhaps I just need to ask the direct question.
I mentioned video a few days ago and indeed yesterday ran such an item in place of the semi-regular unusual or period film. The reaction to this in number terms was remarkably good so I'll take that as a positive. This is something that I've become increasingly interested in: the youtube channel has been sitting there since 2012 and in the main is a few short clips of layouts that caught my eye at exhibitions and a couple of the layouts from closer to home. Most of these earlier items were shot on a fairly basic traditional Sony video camera - something which looks very clunky and outdated now. There are better options out here and when you consider that there are feature films being shot on iphone now, using something that is less punchy and is the size of a pasta box seems daft. 
The upshot of this is a perfect storm of circumstances: the current no-exhibition situation means my near future modelling will take a very different shape, my self-removal from Zuckerberg social media, at least temporarily  means I'm looking at a more package type of online presence (i.e. here and youtube). As yet I'm not sure what the final shape will be - certainly not a 'Sam's' type of box opening shape, but possibly something more like this; quirky and rambling. 

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  1. I've always gone for amusing names based on the rest of the team. You've got to use names, and it saves inventing them. Anyway, Craig should be honoured!