Tuesday, 29 September 2020

LMS 16 ton mineral wagon


I tend to take a small project away to build to distance my self while Mrs. F is watching Strictly No Pets, or some other dire waste of licence payer's money. Often this doesn't pan out and I bring it home unbuilt, but this time all went well and this quite old run of a Cambrian Models LMS-built 16 tonner appeared. The time being provided as with a lakeside chalet to bed down in, Mrs. F amused herself by poisoning the local ducks.

The return has seen some 62 slopped over it as an undercoat.

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  1. I like Cambrian kits...they have often modelled some pretty obscure variations of seemingly common wagons, your 16 Tonner being a case in point, pretty sure I've got an LNER variant and others waiting for me to build them. The oldest Cambrian kit I've found is a platelayers hut, apparently based on one from the Aberayron branch if I remember rightly. Whatever, it makes a change from the ubiquitous Cooper Craft kit!