Wednesday 23 December 2020

Modelling the Welsh narrow gauge

 An email from The Crowood Press yesterday informed me that my final tome for them was published yesterday, slightly earlier than expected. Decoded this means that the container was released from being holed up in Rotterdam and has been unloaded in Felixstowe. Anyhow, it's now available to purchase should you wish  by clicking through the box to your right. It's the usual format: over a hundred pages of themed projects from the simple slate wagon on the cover, though etched brass kits et al. Actually the finished wagon on the cover is by Martin Collins in case you thought that I could get to that standard.


  1. I shall be after a signature on the flyleaf and a nice message in your best handwriting.

  2. Just in time, I was wondering what to spend some Christmas money from my mother-in-law on, probably won't get here before Easter though judging by the state of the postal service at the moment! Something to look forward to at least, thanks for the heads-up Chris.

  3. Hi Chris.

    That's good news. I don't model narrow gauge, Welsh or otherwise, but I'm going to buy it anyway. I'm sitting in my study (pretentious moi, how could you sir) looking out at miles of driving rain, mist and mud. Perfect bleak end to a dispiriting year.

    With more of the same to come in 2021 so I figure a few hours reading your book will be pleasant diversion.

    Have a good Christmas. K

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  5. Mine arrived yesterday, it looks really good. An early Christmas present to me.