Thursday, 21 January 2021

Wills slate walling


One of my tasks this week is to review the new Wills slate walling sheets. It was suggested that the best way to do this was to build something. Errr... something not too big I thought. A quick hunt around and I came up with the former Brass Foundry at Boston Lodge. Now sandwiched between two 'delightful' 1970s extensions it has lost not only the chimney, but much of its charm. I've cut a middle ground between the modern building and that which features in period shots.

The walling by Peco's Dave Malton is rough slate waste at the large end of the size spectrum and despite me not being too sure when it turned up, actually works really well. Combined with the usual bodge it and scarper Wills windows and door bashes and some of the wavy Wills slate roofing, it hasn't come out too bad thus far. Timberwork and rainwater goods to do.


  1. That really does look good. The variation of the roof slate colours is very effective too.

  2. That looks realy good. Wavy slates? A way to make a sggy roof from sheets would be good, and useful. The painting really does add the final touch too!
    Andrew K (Otherwise Unknown...)