Monday 8 February 2021

N gauge mineral wagon

I'm a bit meh with N gauge. While the one and only layout was quite successful in exhibition terms and got sold rapidly; the shunting of a small terminus with tiny stock was... fraught with danger. So Mr. Hill and I quietly shut the stock boxes and moved on. It's now raised it's head again and those stock boxes have been reopened. Amongst the unfinished debris was this Peco Butterly 16 tonner. Do these actually exist in real life? I assume it was chosen to fit the standard WW 10' chassis. Anyhow... it looks to have had some Hill cut and shut work, only he can't remember either, so yesterday I mounted it on a Peco 9' chassis and threw some paint at it. The hardest part of this was getting the camera to focus on something this tiny. There'll be more of this to come.


  1. You don't want to say you do anything other LUV N gauge - they don't half get angry otherwise.

  2. I remember looking for a prototype for that wagon but can't remember having found one...which doesn't mean there isn't one of course.
    Peco do a kit (not the usual CKD but sides, ends etc.) for a proper BR 16 Tonner, ref. KNR-207.
    Yesterday I opened Pandora's biscuit tin which contains my N gauge rolling stock kits and made a start on an N Gauge Society SR van as I currently have a layout but nothing to run on it except an 03 and an 08.
    I know what you mean about N...I certainly have mixed feelings about it. When I built Fidley I bought enough Graham Farish/Dapol stuff to run it but as usual got bored with getting trains out of boxes and flogged it all. Only thing really putting me off getting on with it is the couplings issue although I have enough MBD etches for the kits I have, just need to build some and get them working. I really can't live with the standard N gauge coupling, especially for shunting. Perhaps I should just stick to 009...

  3. Hope your eyes can focus as well as your camera can...