Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Svanda at Eastbourne Exhibition

The weekend saw a sliver of activity in sunny Crawley as Svanda was awoken from it's 18 month + slumber and kicked into life, not to mention a light dusting. The reason for this was its only show this year this coming weekend. In fact the only show for the rest of eternity as there's nothing else in the book for it.  Mr. Hill and I are not a little surprised that it is still with us it being a decade old this year. As regular readers will note, things tend not to hang around here, such is the enthusiasm to get on with the next project. There were no real problems and the quality of the mainly Roco items repay the investment. Though I'm convinced that Mr. Hill has a running stream of new Di5s as there always seems to be more than there was last time.

The venue for the old girl's outing is as below. Residents of Wiltshire would regard it as 'small beer' and in this case they may well be right. From what I gather it is a minor affair with I believe no commercial trade. I got the phonecall during the midst of lockdown and was struck by the bravery of trying to organise something from scratch in those trying days. Needless to say things were played 'safe' and it is a fairly local roster of layouts, but  has the advantage of a reasonable town pub just 50 yards outside the door and a model shop at the other end of the road.
Do come and say hello, or mumble though a mask at least.


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  1. Well, that was fun!
    While the exhibition was, as you say, a low key affair it had a nice atmosphere, more a gathering of friends than anything. Nice to see my old mate Alan's German layout is still with us even though sadly he isn't.
    Despite a lack of "commercial" trade, I still managed to pick up a few nice bits and pieces though I guess my liking for old Triang-Hornby helps.
    Oh, and the shunter's wagon I bought turned out to have the shunter's pole included, which neatly deals with my question to you yesterday.