Friday 12 November 2021

Film Friday 21st century Hornby Dublo

Working on a HD layout article today and noodled round with some internet research for a history panel. This came up. It almost feels as though he's cracked the best of both worlds: the reliability of die-cast locos and 3-rail pick up, and the convenience of the DCC technology. Clever stuff.


  1. I think this may be the first time I've actually "got" DCC. The little control modules hidden within point motors are a don't get that level of convenience with the "conventional" point-motor-under-the-baseboard setup and of course the ability to easily put locos on shed is great for the type of operation on this layout. Look forward to the H-D article; although I do own a Dublo loco, it's 2-rail as is the one my Dad bought for me in 1965.

  2. Very clever indeed, how to bring an old favourite bang up to date, I like it - not that I will be going there myself!

  3. That's great. Never thought of switching points using track power to save under-baseboard wiring, which of course you can with DCC. And the next loco is going to get a stay-alive...