Wednesday 8 December 2021

A BR brake in N gauge

 Perched on the rails of Dury's Gap the latest member of the N gauge team for Half Acre. Put together from the Peco kit. The existing bauxite version looks a bit clean now... once you start on this stuff...


  1. Not so long ago that would have been a more than competant model in OO. Great paint/weathering job.
    Andrew K

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  3. Top job...has that "lived in" look, reminds me of some of the stories I've heard from former goods guards who used to spend many hours in similar vehicles.
    "The Guard is the man,
    who sits in the van,
    right at the back of the train...."

  4. Just got my Peco brake van out, I'd forgotten that I've modified it to resemble an ex-LNER version, mostly by cutting the footboards short. I haven't forgotten what a PITA applying overhead electrification warning flashes is in N...