Friday 17 December 2021

Parliamentary coach

While I was waiting for the glue to go off on something else this caught my attention.  Built c2001 in a shed not far from my current employer it was looking a little tatty with the roof sagging and lifting.  It was scratch built from a Paul Towers drawing using plastic sheet and strip on a Ratio chassis. Though this is really only the floor as the W-irons have been reduced to within an inch of their lives. It looks like a cattle van, which is of course exactly what the railway companies wanted it to be, only fit for carrying proles for a pittance at the behest of the government.

Has it got a home? No. I've always had an itch to do a mid-Victorian layout, though as you can see the rate of build is woefully slow; this is thus far the only item for it. Anyway... one window fixed properly and the roof refitted and shaped she's back in service.


  1. I like that. As Mike Sharman used to say, early railways let you get a lot of railway into a small space.

  2. impoverished industrial line in the early years of last century? Worker's "Express transport". Could see that sitting up atop the moors somewhere.

    Andrew Knights

  3. Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the train, one day!