Friday 3 December 2021

Peco N gauge done

 ... well more or less. With a few bits of velcro stuck on I could get the curtain up. There are a couple of tiny details to add not least the pros'arch which has been replaced by the Dury's Gap item here.

This has been problematic from start to finish. There was the 'never again with N gauge' aspect followed by the material shortages and then the lack of time. What I've ended up with is an outrageously heavy layout with very little operational capacity. Not what I set out to build at all and due almost entirely to outside sources. 

The positives are that I managed to tick the contractual boxes in that it uses the supplied baseboards and as many Peco/Ratio products as I could get in. Even a few weird ones that no one uses like the engine sheds. The end game is that is is on the sheet for Warley 22, assuming that that happens, and it will be photographed by young Craig in the new year for a three part RM article. Surprisingly this has been easy to fill whereas the product-lite O gauge was less so. After all that I'll probably donate it to a good cause.


  1. Oddly enough, when I showed Gilly the photos you'd posted on Facepest she pointed at the modified loco shed and said "What a lovely building". I think some items in the Peco range tend to get a bit hidden behind all the Ratio and Wills stuff. Just because something has been around for decades doesn't mean it's past it's sell-by date. I've always liked the Peco goods shed and other items in the range but to be honest wasn't particularly aware of the loco shed.
    I guess it's a bit like an N gauge version of the old Airfix shed, only better.

    1. Was going to delete and repost to remove annoying it's/its typo due to interference from useless autoincorrect but I can't be bothered.

  2. I went into Silverhill Models yesterday (same owner still hanging in there, 43 years after I bought my first Ratio and Slaters kits from him!) and, among other things, left with a Peco N gauge engine shed kit. It's all your fault...