Tuesday 4 January 2022

OO gauge wagon for under a fiver

 Just to prove that all this 'we must build' nonsense is sound, the push now is for a steady reduction in kits and bits stash for the new year.

Building up a 'possibles' stash

Anyone that has wandered into an exhibition with me will know that once the cup of tea has been located, I'll head for the club stand, the one with all the chuck outs, failed kits and the contents of dead people's cupboards. Why? Bargains. Project One is this little pile of unrelated bits: a van body (possibly a cheap Airfix or Mainline c1978) a floor and half the contents of a poly bag that contained two almost complete sets of Parkside clasp brake underframes. With the addition of a set of wheels and some bearings enough to make something. Where it all came from I can't remember, but cost no more than a couple of quid. The van body caught my eye as it was already lettered and just needs a lick of paint to finish. The result will end up on Dury's Gap as one of only a couple of fitted vehicles. There is a secondary plot forming for a second project direction for which there is a small pile. More on that later.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, the advantages of having a decent accumulation of stuff!
    I've got one of the Parkside clasp brake chassis, it may end up under either a Ratio LMS van or the 3-plank dropside, not decided which yet but probably whichever best suits my late 1930s era.
    I need to finish the Cambrian single (fixed) plank wagon first (it's not a Lowfit, at least not yet, as these don't seem to have become fitted until BR days).
    Look forward to seeing this (and more),