Saturday 1 January 2022

Happy New year

 Happy new year to the regular, and irregular readers.

Resolutions are toxic and I avoid them at all costs. That said directions of travel are good and some end of year reviews can be helpful to some to define this. I've had drop into my inbox this week, two independently generated assessments of the modelling year and a somewhat similar approach. This is almost bean-counter-ish with hours being logged and achievements listed. This ain't for me and is somewhat unusual , but...

I do have targets. These are are a loose frame more than exactitudes, but there is the direction of travel to consider. A few posts back I considered plans A,B and C. There are layout ideas, but nothing will stick so at least for the time being the direction is small project based. This may change of course and the reasons for this were expressed beforehand - why build exhibition layouts when there are no exhibitions?

I threw a bin load of stuff away over the week. A lot of this was space hogging packaging and there was a sort out of boxes. For someone who rarely builds locos there are a remarkable number of driving wheels in stock and a couple of rocking horse shit rare 009 chassis.  Stuff that I will never use , but am loathed to get rid of. Some stuff got a 'Gnomy tram? Somebody wants this' as it went into the bin. Model railway things are like cars, eventually it will all get thrown away. Even the classics, and I include Dovey Valley above, will be disposed of and end up in local landfill. 

It's not the models that are important, it's the time we spend creating them that is the prize.


  1. I'm about to do the same with my shed. It's incredible, the junk you accumulate over the years. This time I'll be ruthless. Promise...

  2. Gnomytram? I could have been tempted. Shame it's gone