Tuesday 25 October 2022

Painting the wall.


The first section all done.The paint was applied pretty dry using one of those cheap nasty flat Chinese brushes; the ones you get in The Works @ £1.99 for six. A few stones are picked out in orange, then the trick is to work the colours in opposing diagonals so that the paint doesn't get into the joints, but just sticks to the stone's surface. The dirt in the form of German Grey is then applied in upward strokes working more underneath the capping. I can't remember where I picked this up – possibly Mr. Rice again. The water runs are green, overlaid with some pale grey. Five colours in all 62, 29, 67, 64 and 78 if you are working in Humbrol. Probably Elf Excrement, Dragon Spit and Ground Dwarf bones if you prefer  Games Workshop tones.

Just another three feet to go...

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  1. That looks good, as usual! Thanks for the painting technique tips.

  2. Sorry forgot. Anaonymous, aka Andrew K:-)