Wednesday 23 November 2022

Building the crate

... well not exactly building. The general method of packing any layout over the last decade has been equal length boards strapped together with sheet material. In this case a piece of fairly low-grade ply that may have once graced the back of a piece of furniture and a sheet of hardboard that was certainly the rear of a picture frame. These were arranged to avoid various holes and obstacles, drilled and fitted with M6 bolts.  The next job is to trim them up a little to something approaching the right size
They are a little flimsy, though quite functional. I wouldn't trust them to tour roadies but for the single show that Rhiw 2 has in the book in March next year they will do.

Incidentally, I go through what seems like hundreds of bolts and wingnuts which were always bought from Wilcos' pick and mix counter. They seem to be moving over to high price plastic bags with four bolts in each at 1,000% upward shift. Any recommendations for a replacement supplier?



  1. Christopher Payne23 November 2022 at 10:34

    Source of bolts, nuts, etc - depends on what you have locally and how far you are prepared to travel. Does it have to ba a High Street supplier?

    For example - M6 wing nuts.
    Screwfix item 6689T = £1.69 for x10
    Toolstation item 17168 = £1.71 for x10


  2. I just thought it was Wilko's in Ashford being poorly stocked; last time I went in, although the pick and mix was still there it was about 75% empty so I ended up getting packs of whateveritwasIwentintherefor.
    Ah well, off to Srewfix, that well known dating agency...