Saturday 4 March 2023

Rhiw: first exhibition

A week away from the debut (and technically last showing) of Rhiw Mk2. It's more or less done, although there are quite a few detailing bits to do as is always the case at this point in the proceedings. Note that this is a SUNDAY exhibition. As I understand it this is due to the draconian parking charges put in place by Horsham District Council. Probably the same decision making body that is trying to boost visitor numbers to the area; and is the reason why Horsham is at the very bottom of my list of places to go for the day in the county; but I digress.  As I understand it there will be the usual mix of slightly unusual layouts attending, and most being of the smaller easy-to-fit-in-a-home variety. It's a modeller's show.
It would be good to see you.



  1. Tabernacle Sidings is pretty much at the same stage. I've aimed to at least get all the bits of bare baseboard covered with scenery and add a few details, mostly things like fences which are really noticeable if they're not there. See you in a week!

  2. Andrew Knights. I am still trying to see if the RAilway Modeller's suggestion of Wandleford Junction being at the show can materialize. I hope so, but it promises to be a busy day, we may have 17 layouts in the two halls.