Thursday 8 June 2023

The Southwold Railway


I went to Suffolk. More on the main bit of that later perhaps. Just prior to the return journey I was advised that the Southwold Railway site at Blythborough was open for volunteer working and it may be worth popping in for a look. As I had to drive past the gate it seemed rude not to.

I have quite mixed feelings about this. On the positive side, the work so far is highly professional and the site is beautifully turned out. They have restored the old company coal shed (below) and there is around 75 yards of track with a couple of spurs. The negative from my point of view is that there is 75 yards of track and a shed. They can't head off east toward Southwold as there is a road and water main in the way; and anyway Southwold locals (read displaced Londoners) don't want them there. There is one battery locomotive on site. There is also a beautiful replica 2-4-0T available. However, as I understand it, this is owned by a break-away group. One with track, and the other with loco... go figure.

I want to wish then the best of luck with their endeavours, but the journey looks not so much uphill as vertical and I find myself with more questions than answers.

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  1. As you say, it all looks very nicely done, with none of the clutter and mess often evident at "heritage" sites. I popped over to Corris on saturday; another place where huge strides have been made over the years. Although the length of the line, even once extended, won't be huge, it certainly doesn't lack atmosphere. Whether the Southwold will ever reopen in its entirety, who knows, though I doubt it'll be in our lifetimes. I suppose the thing is to enjoy and appreciate it for what it is, and see how things turn out in the long term.