Wednesday 6 September 2023

Seething Bridge

And so it came to pass that the bridge was built. This, like everything else on this project, was to be as close to zero cost as possible. Any bit of scrap and offcut was inspected to assess usefulness and a selection of (unmatching) brick sheet was selected. These were assembled into piers and joined in a flimsy manner with what I think are Wills barge boards, here masquerading as small girders. 

The structure as repeatedly checked for fit before throwing some slightly dried up end-of-the-pot Humbrol acrylic at it. The form is one of a farm occupation bridge and thus quite lightweight though at a scale 10' wide a Coopercraft AEC will just pass through.
I'm on a roll now


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  1. Looking good. The somewhat bulbous section of the girder looks very similar to the Victorian(?) girders on the down side bridge at Ham Street, the up side having been replaced some years ago following an altercation with a digger on a trailer which tried to get under it with its bucket raised...