Monday 15 April 2024

Corner Pocket

A little paper planning and a few problems, well not problems so much as fairly obvious setbacks. All looks fairly good in my head until I factor in immovable objects like radiators. This doesn't add much, but width add at the bottom right bounces things at the top left. Beyond this, off scene, lies an area of possibilities, but when repeating the exercise at the opposite end, this void starts to shrink below the acceptable requirement. I had done this on Anyrail so was forewarned hence the real world measuring, plus I know from using Anyrail as the planning device for the RM Setrack plan booklet that the gap between the screen plan and reality is sometimes generous. Essentially this means that I don't think 'a' will give me what I want, but I'll leave it for a while and mull it over. There is always b and c to consider.


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