Monday 1 April 2024

Farewell Miles and Susan

As a start to the great 009 disposal I've waved goodbye to Mr and Mrs Bevan. Built using some scrap Chivers w/m kit parts and a few bits of plastic on Ibertren cuckoo chassis they have merrily trundles around all the last decade's 009 layouts and featured heavily in the RM article on Tal-coed. Now resident in the North West they are apparently to be re-motored and I'm guessing some new crew. Be interesting to see how that turns out.
This is just the start - it's all going. 



  1. I've already sold a lot of my 009 via the Society....started with unbuilt kits and am gradually moving down the line, as it were. Quite a few 00 wagon and coach kits went at Steyning, though I'll keep enough to build a small EM layout, should I ever get around to it. British tram stuff is pretty much gone and I'll probably move at least one of the Peco/Branchlines 0-16.5 loco kits on as well. Whether I'll ever completely get rid of the 009 I don't know yet

  2. Andrew Knights4 April 2024 at 16:35

    Why the disenchantment with OO9?