Wednesday 9 December 2009

Dapol WR Autocoach

Dapol WR Autocoach

The only modelling I’ve done in the last few days is to weather a couple of Autocoaches for Nigel’s Unnycoombe layout. One in Carmine and Cream livery, and one in Maroon. Where possible I’ll use photos as a general guide and most of the colour shots I have of the mid sixties period show fairly clean sided coaches with dusty underframes and grimy ends. However on this one, once I’d done that, I just kept going, making it absolutely filthy. I fear it may now be over-done, but it’s difficult when looking at something in isolation away from the layout that it will be displayed on. I’m also finding the wash technique that I’ve used for years on larger scale models doesn’t work so well with N gauge. There is an underlying surface-tension in the paint which annoyingly doesn’t scale itself down to suit.


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