Thursday 21 January 2010

Hornby shame.

On Saturday I wandered up to the Astolat show at Guildford. This isn’t about that though, but what I bought. With the 80’s based Rhiw layout at the back of my mind, and pieces for the same, I spotted a Bus Shelter from Hornby’s Skaledale range. Thinking that a bus shelter would be a bit of a fiddle to scratch-build, and that this would save a bit of time.

I handed over £5.40.

It comes tightly packaged in polystyrene so I didn’t get it unwrapped until I got home. Oh dear. There was a time many years ago when everything that had ‘Made in Hong Kong/China’ on it meant that you got badly made rubbish. Looking at what Hornby turn out now from their Chinese factories you would think that those days had gone.

Shame on you Hornby. This is appalling. The moulding is awful, there are no parallel lines on it, the feet are bent and the glazing is ill-fitting. When you compare this to what Wills/Parkside can do with injection moulding for less retail price, then this is just a joke.

Hornby should hang their heads.

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