Sunday, 7 February 2010

Garn helicopter.

Garn 009 model railway
As requested.
I dislike 'helicopter' shots and this has the added problem being washed out with flash. Still it shows the full extent of Garn; all 1 metre x 14" of it.
I had also mentally wrapped this particular blog page up, it being layout specific and having two others which deal with similar subjects (see side bar). I may combine at some point. These three plus Nigel's Norwegian page which I service while he is without internet connection. Garn- the layout-is effectively on the back-burner (apart from one outing later this year at Worthing)while work is done on other projects such as the joint 'Unnycoombe' and the virtual standard gauge 4mm project 'Rhiw'. Not there is much of anything happening at the moment. We all go through fallow periods where no modelling is done, and this is one of those.

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