Monday, 31 May 2010

New baseboards for Rhiw

Baseboard building.
When you've been used to 009 and N for the last few years, building a board 45x 12 seems huge. Huge that it when it's only the fiddle yard. This fanciful flight into historical diesel modelling is proving quite a learning curve especially with regard to getting the stock right for the period; which is where I differ from a good friend of mine with regard to freelancing being harder. I must have gone through a dozen bought and borrowed books just to work out what stock is correct - or more to the point incorrect for the period, knowing damn well that if it's not, then some spotty little trainspotting anorak will adopt a condescending tone and tell me.

The period 85-88 is interesting because it's a crossover for new and old stock and also liveries, but a minefield for making assumptions. Everything that is done is backed up by photos... so far.
The boards however are nothing new, being the same inverted 6mm MDF trays that I've used since the late 80s. Cheaper than ply and a lot less splintery.

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