Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mobiles like housebricks

I thought a week ago that I would need to get some 'modern' figures for the platform on Rhiw, ones which don't come from the Airfix 'platform' or 'RAF crew' sets. Why is it that all 4mm figures would look OK in the fifties, but not in any other era?
Then, on Sunday these sprung out at me:
A packet of 20, £2.50, unmarked, multiples of the above. The girls are a little '70s, but OK for my mid-'80s period. The plastic is brittle and they will need repainting. However other than that... perfect. the mobile toting girl can be adapted and the over-thick walking stick replaced. What I did like was that the males are in hoodies... not a lot of those in Airfix sets.

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