Wednesday 29 September 2010

N gauge steps

Due to a little push there have been some additions to Unnycoombe. I've long thought that there should be steps from the feed shed up to the cattle dock. So I built some. (plastic scrap and Humbrol acrylics) Something that the platelayer would have knocked up from time-expired sleeper and gash fencing. The shape from memory from the ones I used to climb early in the morning to the brewery loading dock when I was still in short trousers.

I find that as the majority of modellers are office dwellers and have never done any manual work, that logic goes out of the window - yards that you couldn't turn a Smart car in let, alone a horse and cart, and sheds dumped miles from their logical usage point, just because Wills make one and you've built it. Things have to have human reason in order to look convincing. Which is why I've just strained my eyes for a couple of hours...

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