Thursday, 4 November 2010

Rhiw fiddle yard work

Little by little the work is proceeding on the Rhiw fiddle yard.

Rhiw fiddle yard work As can been seen the previously reported kick-back siding has been discounted. Instead two simple ladder yards installed. What did look like miles of spacious track length shrinks to nothing once almost two feet of sprinter unit is placed on it. The mean length is 26" on the back yard leaving only a couple of inches before the crossover mark is reached. This is quite a head turn problem: jumping from stock lengths of 1.5" in 009 to 23". All the automatic 'eye' guess-work goes out of the window. Hence that even though quite simple in track plan, Rhiw needs just short of 11' to work.
Rhiw fiddle yard work The Ro-bell is a Bachmann product that I bought a while back thinking it maybe of use as a chassis for a Drewery car in 4mm. It's sold as OO, but is actually HO. Powered by a tiny Bachmann N gauge motor it's just capable of dragging the three vans along. It may get a run on the layout once in a while even though I'm trying to avoid the engineering stock if possible. 

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