Friday 5 November 2010

Green livery Class 03 on Rhiw

A final bit of baseboard joint testing with the Mk1 Bachmann Cl 03 that I bought from Miles some years ago when he was still in short trousers. Reason being that, as with years of experience with 009, I know that the shortest w/b loco will find the humps in the track and stall.... it didn't. Will this be used on Rhiw? Well yes. Out of period? Well no. More on this later.Bachmann Green livery Class 03 And the questions:
There have been conversations about various scenic details that may or may not be needed. The problem therein is when did these items appear historically. We are only talking 25 years ago and yet these details are blurred. I'll list below.
* Wheelie bins - when did they reach common usage to the point of being dumped everywhere?
* Self -service ticket machines - the 'permit-to-travel' variety.
* air con units strapped to the side of retail units. They weren't there when I was a child, but they are there now. When was the introduction period?
Answers on a postcard. Or leave a comment/email me with your concise answers.
Thank you.
p.s. I recommend sliding over to Phil Parker's blog (to your right) to see the video of Rod Stewart being outed as a modeller on an American chat show - we've all been there in that squirm moment.


  1. I don't think wheelie bins were common 25 years ago, I remember having an old style dustbin. I'd guess that it was about 15 years ago that wheelie bins started getting common enough to be dumped.

    I remember permit to travel machines appearing, so that must have been less than 25 years ago too. Wikipedia confirms that it was first introduced in November 1988.

  2. Thanks. I looked at the wikipedia page. This would indicate that the introduction of tkt machines was 1988 on NSE which is toward the end of Llynfordd's timescale. Plus the fact that we are dealing with Welsh lines so proably later.
    Thanks for looking. CF