Saturday 19 February 2011


There has been a little work done on Rhiw this week. Having promised Mike Denwood that I'd attend Worthing with it, it really was time to get my finger out. There are to be 'eye stoppers' at each end: on the left an industrial building, on the right a skew girder bridge. I'd sized the latter, but the details were hazy, so I spent quite a bit of time looking through books for photos. What I worked out was that there are very few, as the photographer is standing on them. So it was off to planet internet where I found this:
The above was the initial influence: the Clarendon Road bridge at Seaford. Not a plate girder I know, but it had all the elements I wanted so armed with these photos and those from the web page work could commence.
The sharp-eyed will note that the mid-way supports bear an uncanny resemblance to Airfix footbridge parts. Don't think that this wasn't part of the plan.

Talking of which I'm now taking commissions for Airfix kits.

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