Thursday 10 February 2011


This is one of those weeks when I have to sit back and consolidate plans and clear the bench. That makes it sound like I have an extensive purpose-built workshop - I don't. What I have is a £19 formica desk from Argos with three drawers which hosts all the stuff for business, modelling and study. At the moment though it's a little crowded and I'm taking steps to work methodically through the modelling jobs. The Spitfire, which was unexpected, has now gone and the project for the Wealden Railway Group Competition is almost finished. Don't forget there is a little over a month to get your scratch-built vehicle finished/started for the 19th of March. See sidebar.

There are, in the near future, a small flurry of shows for Garn and Unnycoombe, so things need to be attended to most notably the fascia mounting which is common to both which needs to be beefed-up with some bolts. The current magnet system is OK until people start waving their arms around (Phil Savage) so bolt on would seem to be the way to go. There is also the question of lettering. I can't justify 20-30 quid's worth of self-adhesive lettering and I'm a little scared of doing it by hand, but it does miss it.

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