Friday, 4 March 2011

Girder bridge

Girder bridge The first sort of finished central bridge support, based around those at Seaford (see earlier post). I noted that these had cable stringers running fore-aft so added these to the obvious Airfix footbridge parts with a bit of 10x20 thou strip. The footing is a slice of 6mm MDF and a little Slaters brick. The top piece representing the visible girder end... Well... a slice of sprue and ahem...

My ex, and now late, mother-in-law was diabetic and need to test sugar levels daily. I spotted the fact that the machinery for this was 5 thou plastic strip, so nearly 20 years ago I blagged a load.

Thus, the top of the girder is a bit of sprue and a piece of plastic that my ex mother-in-law has peed on.
You only get sheer class here.

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