Thursday, 24 March 2011

Rhiw Platform

Before I could get the wall more than halfway I had to mark out the extent of the platform. Pencil marks are OK, but by the time I''d put them in I thought that I may as well start building it. So again using the Peco diagram I saw that minimum width was 50mm (although if you look at the valleys prototypes on the Rhiw page they look narrower) and 17mm high (5mm to the rail top and 12mm above that). This equates pretty well to the Unnycoombe platform which I think is 9mm high.Rhiw Platform OO gauge So basic carcass of mounting card - out of the shed and a bit damp and wavy - and a fairly random egg-box construction. I had two basic choices: concrete stands as here at Uckfield which is roughly contemporary and similar usage,
Or brick faces, breeze-block and rubble, a little like this photo of Goring on the West Coastway. This is a complete dog's dinner. The facing stops half way, but this can't be a new section as the building sits on top; although the platform was lengthened at some point. The photo is I think from around 87-91 when I lived in sunny Worthing; so not too far out of period. The bridge in the background carries the road which originally crossed the line in the foreground. Is this platform 12' wide?


  1. Would it have been where the height has been raised? You can see at Hampden Park where a new top has been stuck on top of the old platform.

  2. It probably has been raised, but why the very neatly finished end to the brick facing 20' from the end?