Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I got into the Arundel exhibition, threw Garn onto the table and wandered over to the other side to chat to the Crowborough clergy. On my return there was a small plastic box sitting next to the layout containing parts for Parkside coach kits and this half built variation. The builder ambled over, 'I though you might like those.' I thanked him and carried on setting up. A little while latter he came back, 'Err, the thing is, I suppose it's a bit daft taking a low centre of gravity coach and putting a birdcage on the top.'

I love it. It's just moved to the top of the to do list, is painted and awaiting glazing.


I mentioned a while ago that I'm now having a problem with the name Llynfordd; partly because I can't spell the bloody thing the same twice in a row. The initial idea was the sprinter connections with the 155s and 150s running on the layout, but I'm a bit icky with layout names that include the owners' and especially that include the ex-mother-in-law's. What is needed is something a little more 'valleys'.

I went to the library and perused the OS maps of the area focusing on the ex colliery lines. Something short and not too twee. It's down to two Deri or Rhiw. No naff links, no My Fair Lady connection, no twee Welsh/English wordplay, just solid valley names. one means oak trees, the other slope or hillside.

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