Wednesday 16 March 2011

The five year (model railway) plan

It's is the nature of a blog that it must be kept short and sweet; people don't want to read reams and reams of stuff. The trouble is I have too much to say.
This caught my eye at Eastliegh a week or two back. 'Holcombe'. Built by Tim Ticknell I believe and shown by the Burnham club. 8'x 2' of O gauge .Holcombe O gauge Why is this relevant? Well, I suppose this is the target point. Not one that's un-achieved as I did it with NLW (see sidebar), but for those that remember my comments on how many layouts do we have left, it is the end of the process.
Holcombe O gauge Nigel and I have joked about the five year plan. It's impossible to build a layout a year of course... for most people that is. But I think I've probably got about five/six layouts left. I've also said that Rhiw would be the last exhibition piece.... we'll see.

There have been discussions in the last couple of weeks about what could be built using the already constructed Rhiw FY and trestles. The possibilities are: Norwegian freight yard, Southern Region Terminus, American Terminus, GWR Terminus. These four because all or some of the stock is available. There are others that the FY is not suitable for: 7mm NG, O. The pattern and reasons are obvious. Despite unusually buying a lottery ticket for this evening I'm using what I have (the O excepting). And those of you out there that are good with numbers will spot that there are six. The wildcard would be something light in EM. Which there is also stock for.
So this is actually a twenty five year plan. Time will tell.

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