Friday 22 April 2011

Rhiw wall

At long last the walling on Rhiw has finished - all 7'6" of it. Considering that there is very little relief on it; it's just a sloping lower section and a vertical upper; it's taken weeks to do. The problem was that it tapers to the LH end and ebbs and flows a little. What I didn't want was a completely un-natural flat structure.
Rhiw wall OO gauge layout
The base is thin-ish corrugated card from a file pocket box and when that ran out some 2mm mounting card, topped with the larger Slaters stone which is marked as 7mm scale. These markings are academic - I used the 4mm sheets for Unnycoombe. the gap at the top was covered in a mix of cornflake and tights packet card, painted with brown emulsion and topped with a mix of Woodlands Scenics green and various tea leaves.

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