Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Natural stock

I always think that the KESR feels better when running with terriers and rattly DMUs - more its intended state. That and nice private compartment GER 6 wheelers.

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  1. Nice photos, Chris! When I went on the K&ESR last week, the steam train was Mk1s hauled by an Austerity, which I enjoyed but didn't have quite the atmosphere of a "Terrier" or railcar etc.
    I've had some memorable rides on the line over the years, highlights being a Beattie Well Tank and 2 green Mk1s (very Cornwall 1950s), a trip in an ex SE&CR 6-wheeled brake van on the end of a mixed train (joint Racoons/G&D effort) and (circa 1984) a ride in a 4-wheel railbus between Bodiam and Dixter Halt; great stuff, overgrown track with bits of sleeper missing, and chasing sheep along the line, and years before that section was opened for regular traffic. Mind you, I first walked (with my dad) up Tenterden bank in about 1970-72 so we go back a long way!