Friday, 3 June 2011


Garn 009 layout

Hello suckers, I'm back! (full apologies to the 2nd half opening of Chicago).
Lots of stuff happening - well a little, and now that I'm away from Internet provided by vodaflop and now with BT expensivenet things can only get worse.
More later.


Garn made a hasty appearance at the Sussex Downs Members Day 

The layout had been pencilled for ExpoNG in 2012, but this seems to have been brought forward to this year. And now as of today re-invited to the Porthmadog bash nexy May. This year's event having being cancelled. I had been approched about it, then heard nothing, then got cancelled - to a show that I hadn't been booked for. Maybe I'll keep quiet and PT will just send the petrol money...

So exactly how much usage is 10Gb a month? Anyone know?


  1. Unless you're heavy on the YouTube or a World of Warcraft addict you'll barely dent 10gb.

  2. That seems to be the common answer. Until now, being that I'm out in the sticks, I've been limited to a mobile/top-up set-up which is nice and easy to regulate. Now I have a tenfold limit I'm trying to judge what that is.