Tuesday 12 July 2011

Rhiw Facia

After a period of inactivity due to other life stuff going on I spent yesterday trying to get the final woodworky bits on Rhiw done i.e. the pros-arch bit of the fascia.Rhiw Facia boards As expected, due to minor cutting discrepancies throughout, the two halves don't quite line up. This is not a bad thing - the important part is that the track lines up/can be adjusted. The the slight (1/4") off in all directions of the pros-arch will be masked by a clip-on 'keystone' which I have yet to design. The important thing is that in real terms I've avoided having to transport 8' of whippy MDF to exhibitions.

Rhiw Facia boards
RM dropped onto the mat on Saturday and surprisingly carried a note about the death of Phillip Hancock. I assume the fall-out from this will be huge so I won't add to it, only to say that the influence to myself and all those around me is huge.

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