Thursday 14 July 2011

Ratio GWR signal kit

A bit of a fiddle. I'd had the Ratio (466) kit in the drawer for a while, so when the basic research for a 1980s valley line was carried out I found that here was the perfect use for an ex GW semaphore. Most of the area was then, and possibly still is, non colour light.Ratio GWR signal kit The instructions are awful. Going back to the Spitfire project I remember that even if I had no idea of what one looked like, I could have made a reasonable job as the instructions were so clear. Not here. The modeller is required to do some work. Luckily I've got a fair bit of photographic evidence and found myself referring to the articles that appeared in RM about 6 months ago. They don't cover this specific kit, but they did help to identify a couple of mystery parts and answer questions such as , what angle does the rear blind sit at?
Having said all that, the kit is very good value, and you could probably squeeze 3+ signals from it.
There is still much to do.... ladder, motor, where exactly to site it....

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