Monday, 8 August 2011

Lamps for Rhiw

Countdown Worthing and Rhiw's first (and possibly last) outing - a month to go. So now the pressure is on.

As was quite rightly pointed out the platform is still a bit bare. First on the list - lamps.

I looked at the RTR versions at G**gemaster... four quid each. Maybe that's cheap for some people, but despite what maybe said I still regard myself as a modeller first. It's only a bloody post isn't it?

I raked around in the boxes in the loft and found some brass rod of about 2mm diameter and some tube that fitted over it. Can't remember why I bought this, but it would do the trick. I built one as a trial and the other two as a batch. Can you batch build two? Anyway...

I guesstimated posts at about 16' high so rod was cut at 64mm +2mm to drop into the platform - a bit of unusual forward thinking. The head was a slice of Evergreen strip 80x188 thou, that I think was originally for solebars or something, drilled 2mm at one end to take the rod and with all the corners rounded with a CF sanding stick.

The tube for the 'foot' was cut at 8mm long and soldered onto the base of the rod leaving the 2mm prong. The solder being allowed to form a bit of a fillet at the top. This was rubbed down to form the angled join of the lampost. The head was fitted at a jaunty angle with superglue, the whole lot 'keyed' and then a quick blast with Halfords primer. Crude -yes but cheap and looks like a single modern lamp.

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  1. Looks good to me. You highlight (pun intended) the derth of information on how tall these sort of things are. Does anyone know if there are standards for this sort of thing ?