Thursday, 4 August 2011

MDVs for Rhiw

Another one of those round tuit jobs was to paint and finish the MDVs.

MDVs for Rhiw Waited for and built by Mr Hill a while ago and sat about for longer. One of the problems has been the lack of correct transfers. Modelmasters do something close, but they're not the right ones. So a bodge.
Using a mix of BR inherited numbers and a bow pen I put strips on the end door panels and chalked MDV on by hand. The prototype seemed to use a similar 4" emulsion brush if photos are anything to go by. Then followed a series of light coats as the fancy took me.
There is a raised load-bed from plastic covered with 'scrap' from an Orangina can cut up with a pair of old nail scissors, stuck down with UHU and painted.

The photo is a little over exposed, but I'm actually quite pleased with how filthy they look.

Prototype photos on Paul Barlett's great site.

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