Friday 21 October 2011

Inspiration 2

I touched on the Groudle Glen briefly in the Bagnall-build epic. Below are a few more from the same set taken in the 1990s. For those unaware the GG is a short 2' line running from a wooded area (below) along the clifftop to the site of a 'zoo' hence the names of the original locos Sea Lion and Polar Bear. As far as I can recall the line has only influenced one model - Laurie Cooksey's O-16.5 Fairlight Glen which appeared in RM in May 2002. Laurie's piece was not much over 4' x 2', but what about bigger?

Groudle Glen We tend to think of small simple plans like this in terms of small board portable layouts, but they would actually be perfect for a small system running around that otherwise useless 8x6 boxroom over the stairs. With say the sylvian station and loco shed on one side and the 'zoo' on the opposite, with the clifftop section in the middle in front of the usual window.
Groudle GlenThe pleasure would be in the gradual build of the layout and the (scratchbuilt?) stock. Operation would be limited, but not if you apply American carload principle and use a card or dice system of loads to available stock. If the rather politically incorrect zoo was changed to some sort of small industry (fish?) then this would work very well for a one-man den layout. Any scale from 7mm to 16mm would work in the space.


  1. Useless? I keep my daugter in that room!

  2. Do social services know about this?

  3. I came up with various grandiose plans for the box room that became Jenny's bedroom (Aberglaslyn Pass featured strongly I seem to recall) and subsequently, when relegated to the little shed out the back, I also fancied doing something around the walls....I seem to remember some old Lima 0 gauge being offered up at one time. Nowadays, I think I'd do it in 1/thirtysomething...there was a NZ 1:32(?) layout in a recent "Review" that was very inspirational albeit in a bigger space. I've a feeling I would try to sneak in a crafty (hidden) continuous run if possible, just to be able to watch the trains go by.........

  4. I actually built a 7mm model of the Groudle Glen in 1985, using 12mm gauge track and adapted Berliner Bahn chassis for the locos - and sold it in 1997, after it was exhibited quite a few times. Pre-digital photos, I dont know if it still exists.