Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mounting the Tri-ang coupling 1

Mounting the Tri-ang coupling I often get a sly remark about sticking firmly to 4mm scale narrow gauge and not moving with, lets say, the rest of my social circle and working in one of the bigger scales. I'm quick to point out that there has been a 1:24 project which met it's end in an unfortunate manner, but can be viewed in the list at the top. I've also dabbled in 7mm ng and though a full layout has yet to emerge, there are a few unfinished items lying around. The above compact Sentinal being one.

Built from plastic on a cut-down Hornby chassis and otherwise finished, I'd not decided on which couplers to use, at the time swinging between T/Ls and Kadees. As most of the people I know stick to the T/Ls it seemed logical to follow, so the odd job was to fit.
The front end is a problem. there is zero clearance behind the bodywork with the bulkhead of the chassis sitting tight behind, so a lump of plastic and a self tapper do the mounting work. What I hope to do now is diddle with it visually and blend it in with the rest. The rear end should be less thrusting as there is space to set it slightly into the body. As it is this only sits about 5mm forward of where the coupler was originally.
Anyone know of a supply of Tri-ang pressed T/L couplers?

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