Tuesday 4 October 2011

Post Fareham model railway exhibition

There was much talk as always during the Fareham show about next projects. The one thing about the loose association with Nigel is that the two of us bounce ideas off each other continually - most of which will never see the light of day. This, coupled with the fact that both of us have bouts of bargain-itis, means that there are often many odd bits of material and kits that can be used.

This Sunday just gone it was trams. Not a new idea, but lifted to the fore with the purchase of a book from Kevin Robertson's stand titled Twilight of London Trams. Lots of drool-worthy large plate photos of London streets between 1949-52 many showing the conduit system which has always appealed. A small layout had been mooted a while back (I have kits in stock) for the Wealden Railway Group's competition of a layout in the space of three linear sheets of A4. Now Chris Nevard (link to your right) is building in the same sort of area.

This small area modelling maybe the way forward for these 'bargain' kits that I have stacked up. In the meantime there is the Norwegian to test and work out.

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