Thursday, 17 November 2011

Snailbeach coal wagon in 7mm scale

I looked around for a suitable prototype for a coal wagon (none of your airy fairy freelancing here) and found something suitable in Tony Harwood's drawing of a Snailbeach & District Railway type in Narrow Lines 97 as outlined in an earlier post. It had to be not too complicated and fit on a standard Triang wagon chassis. Below is the result. Photo 1 is the almost complete, and photo 2 having had paint thrown at it. The only change I made was to add a couple of mil each side to the width to bring it to 40mm.

Snailbeach coal wagon in 7mm scale Construction: 40thou floor, 60thou sides scribed to suit. Various bits of strip and 20thou for the corners. This from a very old piece given to me by Stig which snapped after it was bent. This meaning I had to fill the corners with Tipp-ex and sand into a curve. Bolt heads from micro-strip slices and rivets with an old compass point. Paint all Humbrol acrylic and G**es Workshop grey to finish.

Snailbeach coal wagon in 7mm scale

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