Friday, 18 November 2011

Peter Denny video

Well in the tin today Erasmus, is the very last of the scrapped/given/sh 009 locos. This looks likes bits of the Cambeltown Kerr Stuart 042, but shortened and it would seem to be an interference fit on the Ibertren chassis. There's a fair bit of glue residue that needs cleaning off. We'll see what happens. Also started yesterday: the brake van for the 'Rude-not-to' project. Tri-ang chassis again which makes it ultra-short, but no worse than the Corris example. Floor cut and stuck from a sheet of 40thou Evergreen that I'd forgotten I had which is 'grooved' at 1/4" intervals which saves a bit of scratching.
p.s. found this earlier. Very BBC. For the fan of a certain late Cornish clergyman.

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