Tuesday 22 November 2011


At last a working title; at least for the time being. Just to make sure it doesn't mean testicles in Danish or something, it was run through g**gle's translate. One result in Icelandic - 'swan'. For some reason my mind has jumped to Danny Kaye... can't think why.

Anyway. Nigel's Norwegian epic starts to take shape with a burst of work wiring up points and putting in a basic roadway and some scenic formers. Note the backscene is not bent.. it's the parallax on the camera.Svanda baseboard model railway Note Mr. Hill's tidy wiring idea from redundant comb-binding UHU'd to the baseboard. Neat eh?
Svanda baseboard model railway

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  1. Parralax being laxative for parrots I see no signs of bird poo on the lens....perhaps it's transarent, which accounts for the distortion of the backscene.
    Late shifts are not good for the sanity......
    Looking good; the use of comb bindings is a jolly fine wheeze!
    Stig (anonymously)